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Real Estate Coaching

What every real estate agent must know about their real estate website

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In business, your goals should determine what you do daily. You must start with what your goals are in business before you start the day. Start at the end and work backwards. What are your goals for the year? What are your goals for this month? What are your goals for this week? How many properties do you want to list this year? How many properties do you want to sell this year?

These are just some of the things you must consider in your real estate business. In addition to these things, here are some sample resources that I have created for you to help you do more business with your real estate web site!

Website Checkup Checklist

Your website needs a checkup! See what checkup you need to be doing every year to ensure that you actually get every lead that you deserve!

Live Coaching Examples

Example coaching sessions for you and your agents!